Driven By The Will To Create A Better Tomorrow

Mr. Venu Polineni

Managing Director – Telluris Biotech India Limited

Perhaps best described as the thread that binds us all together at Telluris, Mr. Venu is the commercial catalyst that has taken our unique products to the world. His journey into the world of plant-parasitic nematodes began when he was doing research under Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea at Fresno State. On one of his trips home to India, he came across the plight of over 15,000 poly houses in Gujarat which were suffering due to plant-parasitic nematodes. Armed with the innovative solutions of Dr. Alejandro, Mr. Venu left a lucrative career in research at University of California, Merced to bring Telluris Biotech India Limited to life.

From building the team at Telluris India from scratch to expanding the scientific boundaries of the organization, his knowledge, calm demeanor, work ethics, and astute leadership are an inspiration to all who work with him at Telluris. His involvement at every level of the organization from the bottom-up makes him extremely approachable, friendly, and critical to the daily functioning of Telluris.

Dr. Glenda Polack

Co-founder – Telluris Biotech India Pvt Limited

Dr. Glenda is a beacon of versatility at Telluris. From being a Veterinarian to acquiring Graduate Degrees in Molecular Biology and Business Administration, her fascinating academic journey has spanned three continents and decades. Her equally impressive career includes working for several academic and private institutions in myriad roles like ribonucleoprotein studies with Dr. Sidney Altman (1989 Nobel Prize-winning scientist) at Yale University, pharmacological studies with Dr. Kirk Jhonson at Chiron Corporation and consultant in several areas of biological sciences to name a few. 

Dr. Glenda’s involvement since the inception of the ideas that formed Telluris and then transforming them into products make her an invaluable part of the organization. Her versatility, flexibility, and theoretical knowledge are an inspiration for all of us here at Telluris. Her first tryst with Hyderabad made her fall in love with the beautiful city and she now considers it as her second home.

Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor – Telluris Biotech India Pvt Limited

The Telluris adventure began at California State University, Fresno where Dr. Calderón-Urrea was trying to answer the specific question of whether program cell death in plants and animals is similar or different. His research led him to understand the plant-parasitic nematode problem and develop a solution that uses a combination of cell death peptides and chalcones to develop unique eco-friendly products that are effective against plant-parasitic nematodes. He has gone out of his way to test the effectiveness and sustainability of the products before introducing them to the world.

The products developed by Dr. Calderón-Urrea are the foundation that brought Telluris Biotech India Pvt Limited to life.

Dr. Calderón-Urrea’s passion for science is clear from his academic expertise. A B.Sc., in Genetics (Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia), a M.Sc., in Plant Molecular Biology (Vrije Universiteit, Brussel, Belgium), a Ph.D., in Biology (Yale University), and postdoctoral training in plant-pathogen interactions (at the Plant Gene Expression Center USDA-ARS/UC-Berkeley, Albany, CA) are part of his academic accomplishments of over 2 decades. When combined with his 23 year of experience as a faculty member his academic experience is also vast. He is one of those scientists who have managed to study, solve, test, and create products in their respective field of study.

Dr. Alejandro is a red wine connoisseur who wants to master the art of preparing Hyderabadi Biryani. He also works tirelessly for the inclusion of underrepresented students in the research enterprise through many federally funded research grants.

Dr. Saeed Attar

Scientific Advisor – Telluris Biotech India Limited
They say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Or in this case several cups of coffee. Dr. Saeed Attar’s timeless friendship with Dr. Alejandro and their zest to discuss their research was critical to the application of chalcones in the development of the products here at Telluris. As an educator for over 25 years, Dr. Attar’s interest in learning beyond his expertise was essential to the innovations at Telluris. Primarily a teacher who believes in making an impact through teaching, his work with Telluris has given him a new approach to help more people across the world through his academic achievements. Dr. Saeed Attar is a B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. Chemistry (University of Nevada, Reno). He also has Post-doctoral Research experience at the University of California, Davis under Prof. Alan L. Balch. He is an avid reader, hiker, and tennis enthusiast who enjoys spicy food from all around the globe.

Mr. Manmohan

Head of Product Development

An entrepreneur by nature, Mr. Manmohan is a post-graduate in Biochemistry who has several years of experience in managing laboratories. His experience plays a critical role in executing multiple biostimulants and peptide projects with precision. Before he became a part of Team Telluris, Mr. Manmohan ran a successful start-up for over 7 years. His love for scientific research and bigger challenges drove him to join our endeavour to make this world a better place to live.

Dr. T. Suresh

Dr. Suresh is a true son of the soil who hails from an agricultural family in Tamil Nadu. He completed his Ph.D. in Agriculture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University with a specialization in nematology. His love for science and farming led him to study agriculture and understand the problems that plague the current generation of farmers in India. A university-level Kabbadi player, Dr. Suresh enjoys any kind of challenging outdoor physical activity.

Mr. Rajkumar

Production Specialist

A B.Sc & M.Sc in Biotechnology from Kakatiya University, Rajkumar’s love for science since his school days influenced him to go down the path of scientific research and development. His first stint at Telluris came in the form of an internship, where he developed an admiration for the work culture and environment that Mr. Venu had set up.

After a brief stint of 2 years with a major biotech firm, he took the first opportunity to return to Telluris as a full-time employee.

He has a keen interest in music and enjoys taking care of his kitchen garden.

Ms. Samyuktha

Field Trials Specialist

Ms. Samyuktha is the youngest and most vibrant member of our team here at Telluris. Driven by the ambition to contribute to India’s glorious agricultural history, she completed her B.Sc in Agriculture from Loyola Academy and joined us at Telluris in 2019.

Her willingness to learn and evolve with the industry experts has helped her quickly become a crucial part of the team.

Mr. Krishna Kannaya

Office & Lab Help
One of the first employees at Telluris, Mr. Krishna is a young and dynamic individual who has evolved with the organization. At Telluris, he has honed a scientific temper despite his limited education and exposure. Today, he works with scientists on the centrifuge, aids in media preparation, and enjoys working with the farmers on field trails.

Mr. G. Naresh

Accountant & Lab Assistant

A B.Com graduate from Osmania University as a Lab Assistant? Mr. Naresh’s personal adventure at Telluris is an interesting one. His scientific journey began during the COVID crisis when essential lab employees weren’t available due to city-wide lockdowns. As an individual who enjoys learning new things, he quickly found his way around the lab and soon became a permanent part of the technical team of Telluris. The accidental lab assistant enjoys cricket and carroms during his time off work.

Mr. Vishal Ram Yarda

Greenhouse Maintenance Manager

Mr. Vishal is an experienced Polyhouse maintenance manager who enjoys the outdoors and farming. He is involved in the repair and maintenance of the Poly houses here at Telluris.

As an individual who enjoys precision work, he is responsible for the temperature management and overall well-being of the crops in the poly houses.