Working At Telluris

At Telluris, we enjoy working with people who share our enthusiasm for innovation and sustainability. Our highly skilled team of scientists and non-technical staff are a busy bunch who relish the chance to learn, teach, and mutually expand horizons. We believe in maintaining a positive environment that inspires and motivates every individual to be themselves and work for the human cause rather than for us.

Telluris Biotech India Private Limited is located in Genome Valley, Hyderabad. Surrounded by vast open agricultural spaces, working at Telluris is a hands-on approach to agricultural sustainability and innovation. The secure solar-powered offices, state-of-the-art laboratory, and expansive greenhouses make working at Telluris an unmatched experience.

We are working towards making significant impacts on the agricultural and food processing industries around the world. Join us in our endeavor to shape the future of sustainable agriculture and eliminate world hunger.


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