Crop protection


An indigenously developed product crafted using patented peptides with a root knot nematode control.

The global nematode problem is steadily rising each year. With crop losses of 12.4% globally and over 60% in India, nematicides are severely hampering our fight against hunger.

Plant-parasitic nematodes are slender microscopic worms that attack every part of a plant including roots, stems, leaves, fruits, and seeds. Nematodes are only second to insects in causing severe damage to food grains, commercial crops, ornamental flowering crops, and vegetable crops. Driven by global crop losses to the tune of $157 billion, decreasing yields, and the lack of sustainable solutions, we at Telluris have created eco-friendly products that are helping farmers turn the table on nematodes.

The economic viability of our products combined with their human, nature & crop friendly attributes are bound to make them the preferred nematicide solution for farmers across the globe.