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Mr Venu Polineni

Managing Director

Dr. Glenda Polack


Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Saeed Attar

Scientific Advisor

Mr. Manmohan

Head of Product Development

Dr. P. Suresh


Mr. Rajkumar

Production Specialist

Ms. Samyuktha

Field Trials Specialist

Mr. Krishna Kannaya

Office & Lab Help

Mr. G. Naresh

Accountant & Lab Assistant

Mr. Vishal Ram Yarda

Greenhouse Maintenance Manager

Mr. Manmohan

Head of Product Development

An entrepreneur by nature, Mr. Manmohan is a post-graduate in Biochemistry who has several years of experience in managing laboratories. His experience plays a critical role in executing multiple biostimulants and peptide projects with precision. Before he became a part of Team Telluris, Mr. Manmohan ran a successful start-up for over 7 years. His love for scientific research and bigger challenges drove him to join our endeavour to make this world a better place to live.