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Mr Venu Polineni

Managing Director

Dr. Glenda Polack​


Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Saeed Attar

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Glenda Polack

Co-founder - Telluris Biotech India Pvt Limited

Dr. Glenda is a beacon of versatility at Telluris. From being a Veterinarian to acquiring Graduate Degrees in Molecular Biology and Business Administration, her fascinating academic journey has spanned three continents and decades. Her equally impressive career includes working for several academic and private institutions in myriad roles like ribonucleoprotein studies with Dr. Sidney Altman (1989 Nobel Prize-winning scientist) at Yale University, pharmacological studies with Dr. Kirk Jhonson at Chiron Corporation and consultant in several areas of biological sciences to name a few. 

Dr. Glenda’s involvement since the inception of the ideas that formed Telluris and then transforming them into products make her an invaluable part of the organization. Her versatility, flexibility, and theoretical knowledge are an inspiration for all of us here at Telluris. Her first tryst with Hyderabad made her fall in love with the beautiful city and she now considers it as her second home.