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Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

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Scientific Advisor

Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor - Telluris Biotech India Pvt Limited

The Telluris adventure began at California State University, Fresno where Dr. Calderón-Urrea was trying to answer the specific question of whether program cell death in plants and animals is similar or different. His research led him to understand the plant-parasitic nematode problem and develop a solution that uses a combination of cell death peptides and chalcones to develop unique eco-friendly products that are effective against plant-parasitic nematodes. He has gone out of his way to test the effectiveness and sustainability of the products before introducing them to the world.

The products developed by Dr. Calderón-Urrea are the foundation that brought Telluris Biotech India Pvt Limited to life.

Dr. Calderón-Urrea’s passion for science is clear from his academic expertise. A B.Sc., in Genetics (Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia), a M.Sc., in Plant Molecular Biology (Vrije Universiteit, Brussel, Belgium), a Ph.D., in Biology (Yale University), and postdoctoral training in plant-pathogen interactions (at the Plant Gene Expression Center USDA-ARS/UC-Berkeley, Albany, CA) are part of his academic accomplishments of over 2 decades. When combined with his 23 year of experience as a faculty member his academic experience is also vast. He is one of those scientists who have managed to study, solve, test, and create products in their respective field of study.

Dr. Alejandro is a red wine connoisseur who wants to master the art of preparing Hyderabadi Biryani. He also works tirelessly for the inclusion of underrepresented students in the research enterprise through many federally funded research grants.