Nema Fasak™

A revolutionary bio nematicide that protects various crops

Nema Fasak™ is a product developed using patented peptides that are extracted through biological processes. The product’s unique mode of action only targets the cell death pathways in plant parasitic nematodes and has a proven control efficacy . It has been patented in over 32 countries and is currently undergoing extensive trials across the globe.

Product Highlights:

  • Developed using patented peptides
  • Manufactured using fermentation-based processes
  • Unique mode of action that targets only plant parasitic nematodes
  • Effective Nematode control.
  • Purified peptides improve crop growth by 40%*
  • Does not affect soil microbiota 
  • Most effective for solanaceous crops, cucurbits, fruits (guava & pomegranate), and row crops (cotton & soybean).

Product Usage:The recommended dosage of Nema Fasak is 3-5 ml/liter at a frequency of 25 days/acre using drenching/drip irrigation as the mode of delivery application (mode of application).

*Disclaimer: Control efficacy and improved crop growth figures can vary based on conditions, usage, and other factors.

Nema Fasak