Kheth Maxx™ – Drench

The breakthrough green product that enhances crop growth & productivity.

The drench variant of the product has a more lasting & productive effect due to the method of delivery involved. The drench method lets the crop absorb Kheth Maxx™ directly through the roots. This direct absorption results in increased root mass & increased fruit size.

Product Highlights:

  • Developed from patented peptides and vegetable source.
  • Synthesized through Bioprocessing.
  • Promotes vegetative & reproductive growth in crops.
  • Substantially increases root mass & root length.
  • Increases weight of edible part in root crops.
  • Used to drench all root crops & Orchards.
  • Improves overall plant strength & health.


Product Usage:

The recommended dosage of Kheth Maxx™ is 3 ml/Litre of water at a frequency of 20 days by drip irrigation as the mode of delivery application.

Kheth Maxx