Kheth Rakshak – Foliar Spray

The eco-friendly solution for controlling sucking pest infestation developed using green chemistry.

Sucking pests cause great harm to crop health and productivity. This foliar spray is a long lasting solution that helps crops repel only sucking pests while ensuring that the remaining eco-system remains unharmed. Kheth Rakshak protein compounds also enhance the growth and productivity of crops.

Product Highlights

  • Repels sucking pests and doesn’t harm other symbiotic organisms
  • Made from protein compounds that promote vegetative and reproductive growth
  • Limits the transmission of Leaf Curl Virus
  • One of the most environment-friendly pest control solution in the market today
  • Usable for foliar application on all kinds of fruits and vegetables


Product Dosage

The recommended dosage of Kheth Rakshak foliar is X-Y ml/Litre of water at a frequency of Z days.

Kheth Rakshak